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 Pink Lemonaide

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PostSubject: Pink Lemonaide   Tue Oct 15, 2013 12:45 am

Pink Lemonaide

Gender: Female

Age: filly  

Pony Type: Earth Pony

Parents: Earthen Moss & Hallows Eve
Siblings: Poppy Blossom

Eyes: Bright blue

Mane: dark green and light green, kind of messy

Tail: Green outlined in light green, also kind of messy

Body: Bright redish pink with lighter pink hooves and nose

Cutie Mark:

Personality: Pink Lemonade is very strong willed. If there's somethinh she wants to do shes going to do it no matter the obsticle, even if that obsticle is her family. She's also very open minded and is willing to give anything a try.

Likes: Painting on trees

Dislikes: Sarcasm (it just sounds so fake to her)  

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Pink Lemonaide
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