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 Hallows Eve

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Hallows Eve

Hallows Eve

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PostSubject: Hallows Eve   Hallows Eve I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 13, 2013 9:48 pm

Hallows Eve Hallow12
Hallows Eve



Mane:Orange/Black Long with Straight Bangs
Tail: Orange/Black Long

Eyes:Brown, No pupils

Body:Purple w/ Black Zebra Marks

Cutie Mark: Hissy Orange Cat

Age (Baby,adult):Mare

Personality: HallowsEve is a very sweet and happy pony. She can be bull-headed but is always playful and ready to cuddle. She's very curious and always ready for an adventure, though she can be a bit of a clutz. She's also a little untrusting because of her past where other ponies made fun of her and this really holds her back when it comes to making new friends. So when she does make friends she tries to spend every moment she can with them as though they could be seperated at anytime. When she's with her friends this pony is the happiest and best pony to be around, whether its going on wild adventures or just siting around she's one of those ponies you dont easily forget.

Likes: Autumn leaves, bucking leaves off of the autumn trees, Halloween, Scaring ponies, Pranking ponies, Trolling ponies, and Hanging with friends

Dislikes:Really cold weather, Being woke up early, Sour food, and Homework

History: Hallows Eve got her name because she was born on Nightmare Night and everything about her shows it. She even resides in an oversized dead tree, decorated with many Halloween-like things. She lives alone with a black cat named Crescent (since she has a white crescent moon on her head). She's a bit of a loner and has issues fitting in but can always be seen pulling a good humored prank on her favorite holiday: Nightmare Night. Scaring ponies along with pranking others has always been her favorite hobby but it just seems more fun on Nightmare Night. Growing up, Hallows Eve was made fun of by the other fillies for her strange colors and her interests. She kept herself away from many people, isolating herself as much as possible from others to avoid the teasing. Hallows Eve has very few friends, but keeps the ones she has close

Like everything else about her, HallowsEve got her mark on Nightmare Night. It was also the night she met her cat, crescent. She had been wandering out alone on her birthday as always, unsure of what to do or where to go. As she was walking she could hear some ponies talking, curious she went to investigate and what she found were some little fillies gathered around a camp fire telling scary stories. She smiled to herself as she listened to the story. As it was nearing the climax she felt something brush her leg and jumped out of her hiding place screaming. This caused all the fillies to flee in terror. Looking down she realized it was just a cat and looking up she saw the terrified faces of the fillies and burst out laughing. She loved the feeling of being scared and she realized she loved the feeling of scaring too. She looked down to pet the cat when she noticed she had her cutie mark.
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Hallows Eve
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