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 Moros Fortuna

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Moros Fortuna

Moros Fortuna Pony10

Species: Unicorn

Mane: Black with hot pink streaks in a braid

Tail: Black with hot pink highlights

Eyes: dark blue

Body: gray

Cutie Mark: three gears

Age: about 10

Personality: Moros Fortuna might seem a bit weird to ponies her own age, maybe even ponies older than her. She doesn't really know how to handle foals since she was raised mostly around high class older ponies. Moros wants to fit in with other ponies she just doesn't know how. She's very hopeful though, and tries to see the best in every situation, no matter what. She has an adventurous side, not really an active go out and look for adventure adventurous, but more of a want to learn and discover things kind of adventurous. She prefers a more hooves on approach to learning and is more than willing to go out and put theories to the test. That's not saying that she would turn an adventure down though. If a pony asked her to help them discover a treasure or even just go into the Everfree, she wouldn't turn them down. Moros is also against violence she cant even squish a bug so she would never get into a fight with anypony, not even verbally. She can still do debates and disagreement of opinion but if it felt as though it were moving toward argument she would instantly drop the subject or there's also a chance she would use her magic to go back in time and change her wording to avoid the argument all together. She tries to save her magic for emergencies only, and on occasion showing other ponies who are curious, but sometimes when she's stressed it just happens without her conscious control.

Likes: learning new things & helping others

Dislikes: lots of structure & social gatherings

History: Moros Fortuna was an only child born to a very prestigious family in Canterlot. All unicorns in her family were experts in their feild of magic and earned thier cutie marks way before the rest of their classes. Her parents jumped on the chance of starting her education early and turned every moment into an educational one, even if she was too young to understand.  

While her family was small, her extended family was quite large. She had several cousins and to the parents it was all a competition of who's foals would learn magic the quickest, who was better at it, and of course, who got their cutie marks first. Moros was above the learning curve in terms of walking, talking, she could even read a little bit but when it came to magic she was far behind. Her cousins couldnt talk much or read yet but they were strong in magic. Moros on the other hoof, hadn't displayed a single hint of even being able to do the simplest magic. Sometimes it would appear as though she was about to use magic but nothing ever happened.

It wasn't until she was about three almost four that they discovered her magic. Her parents were trying everything to figure out what kind of magic she used. They had given her one of their priceless vases to try manipulation spells out on.  She tried to do as they asked but it wasn't working. Moros wanted to make them proud so she cheated just a little and bumped the vase with her hoof to get it to move. She bumped it a little too hard and it fell over and broke. Just the look on her mother's face frightened her. The mix of anger and disapointment was too much. She wished she had never cheated, that she could go back and do it differently. There was a spark and a feeling of dizziness washed over her. As she fought to over come the dizziness, she noticed the base seemed to be held late-shatter, and then fell to the ground. She was confused, the vase had already broken once before. Didn't it?

She didn't tell them right away. She wanted to be one hundred percent sure of what she could do first. She started out small, she would move something and then try to go back and have it un move. At first she tried moving them long distances but nothing seemed to happen so she tried just nosing them away. Sure enough, they moved back to where they were before but only if she was quick about it. Which was hard to do through the nausea using her magic seemed to bring. She was getting pretty good at being quick enough but now she needed a harder test. She tried drawing on walls and then having the drawings disapear. They had to be small drawings that only took a few seconds. If a drawing took longer to make only a small part of the drawing would disappear and sometimes the change was almost unnoticable. She got in trouble a few times for them not going away like she planed but it did help her to know how long her limit was. She started telling her parents quick stories. Crazy things that could never happen but only a few seconds long, then using her magic, she asked if they remembered the story.

Her parents were getting concerned about her. She was always drawing on walls and asking them ridiculous questions. So they finally just asked her what she was doing. They were shocked when she told them. She may have not been able to figure out what her magic was but they knew instantly. She could manipulate time. They were thrilled. Almost no unicorn ever could do time spells. They rushed to start her education. They got information on the few time spells out there and then every book on time in Equestria they could get their hooves on. Her reading wasn't the stronngest yet so they would read the books to her all the time. Her education then on out was entirely time focused.  She learned to read and write from these books and by the time she was of school age she was an expert on the subject.

School was difficult for her. She didn't really need schooling but her parents wanted her to gain the social skills. As an only child, her interactions were limited to her parents and their friends. She was great at talking with them but not so great at talking with ponies her own age. She had an advantage though. If she said something wrong she just used her magic to go back and try again. It took alot of retries though. She only had a few seconds and the dizziness proved to be a problem.  The books were great for her and all but using her magic like that was what really helped her develope it. Because of her four second time limit, she learned to do things really quickly and talk really fast too. Her magic seemed to give her another ability. Although she was still rushed by the four seconds it felt a lot longer to her than it would to other ponies. It was still not a lot of time but It was enough for her to work with. With as much as she used her magic, she was growing use to the dizziness and it no longer bugged her. She still expierenced it but she learned to work through it. She also learned she can go forward four seconds and freeze time for four seconds as well.

When Moros was seven, her parents tried to enroll her in Celestia's school for gifted unicorns. It didn't go well though. They couldn't seem to convince the school she could manipulate time. She tried going back four minuets and telling them what they were going to do or say next but they claimed mind reading and other psychic parlor tricks. She tried freezing time and moving things or being in another spot but that was just teleportation and going forward in time couldn't do anything for her case either. They were however, impressed with her knowledge of time and asked her to be a teacher of sorts at the school. Her parents were angry but couldn't turn down such a favorable offer. If she couldn't be an official student at least being the youngest teacher there, probably anywhere, was a high honor.

The school had a group of ponies very interested in theorys about time and time travel/manipulation. They had been asking for permission to start a Study group for a while now but it wasn't really a subject that any of the school's staff was knowledgeable enough in to be able to maintain a group like that. Moros was given free reign over this group to run however she liked. At first the students thought she was a joke. They were much older than her and she was just a foal to them. They assumed the school was just trying to appease them and didn't give Moros a chance. That opinion changed quickly though. She chose to run it more like a club, that happened to be during school hours, than an actual class. They mostly just discussed diffrent theories and bounced ideas off each other. It was really fun and everypony learned a lot from each other. They all quickly became friends and even helped Moros with her magic. The school didn't seem to believe her but her students did.

Her parents were still really mad about not letting her be an actual student there and spent every minuet with Moros practicing. They would get her magic to where she could control time for longer and they would make the school believe. Moros didn't really care though. She liked her class and felt she was learning more with them than she would if she were made to attend classes. She still didn't like ponies her own age much. Sometimes, she had to freeze time around her parents to get a break from their constant lectures. It was only four seconds of course, but it was better than nothing.

Wanting to extend her time for control, she asked her group if there was anything they thought she could do. They bounced ideas around and thought about it for weeks. A lot of study was put into it. Moros had given up the question after the first day, not because she didn't think they could do it but because she didn't want it to interfere with their studies. They couldn't forget though. She had taught them so much and they wanted to help her. The group worked together and finally figured they had a solution. The next day they told her about it. Their idea was a little out there but it had good information and she just couldn't let them do all that hard work without at least trying it. Since she wasnt affected by the spell, they gave her a stop watch to time how long she held the spell. She tweaked her spell to their calculations, started her stop watch, and Froze time.

Well time froze like it usually did for her and she waited for her four seconds to be up. They had told her she had such a limited range because she kept thinking of time how other ponies think of it, as a solid object, when she knew it wasn't. That its fluid and always present. That it is only relevent how it is perceived and she needed to cast her spell to reflect that. Time had always felt diffrent to her than to other ponies. She could get a lot done in four seconds if she wanted to but this four seconds was dragging on and she was beinging to worry that she might have permanently froze time. Trying calm herself down, she realized that the dizziness that she had grown use to was starting to take her over again. She figured that meant that it had worked and she had past the four second mark. But how long? She wanted to control time for longer but she didn't want to be stuck like this for hours.

As she wondered around the room, waiting for time to start again, she found the frozen time to be kind of peacefull. It felt right, like she was meant to come to this moment. So many ways she could use this time to help other ponies floaded her mind and she was excited for the opportunities this presented all of Equestria. Slowly things began to move again. At first everthing seemed to be in slow motion but gradually picked up the pace to regular speed again. Without missing a second, she was hounded by her class for details. She was still a little too dazed to speak yet but they all seemed excited about something. One took the watch from her and stopped it. Doing some quick math to factor out the time it took for them to stop it, they found she had froze time for four minuets. That was a huge time difference but that wasn't what they were all excited about. As her head cleared, she noticed something on her flank. She had gotten her cutie mark.

When she got home she was so excited to tell her parents about her new time limit and her cutie mark but they didnt seem as excited. Her cousins had gotten their cutie marks years ago, she had lost that race. Her parents weren't even excited that she could go up to four minuets now. They needed it to be longer, she should be able to go back however long she wanted and not be restricted. Sure she probably could go longer if she had wanted but four minuets was all the time she needed. It was the perfect amout of time to get her cutie mark and that was all that mattered. School had become her favorite place. Her new friends helped her experiment with her magic. They showed her that just by having contact, she could take other ponies back in time or allow them to not be frozen in time with her. They only asked once if she would try for longer but she told them four minuets was enough and that was good enough for them, they never brought it up again.

While school was her sanctuary, home was not. Morse understood the rules of time and how delicate it's balance was but her parents didn't. They were still pressuring her to extend her time or do things that could really hurt the time stream. Her parents couldn't understand how their daughter was content with being subpar and not better than all the rest. They felt like they had failed and were the laughing stock of the family. They couldn't take it any more and decided to send her away. They had an estranged family member who was royalty but had lost it many years ago and now lived away from the rest of the family in his own kingdom. They would send her to him, she would still have a good life there but no one would know how much they had fail. Moros didn't really mind, she thought her great uncle sounded really cool. She was hurt about being sent away but only because of their logic, she was the best she could be and wasn't that good enough?

She told the school she would be leaving but left out the reason why. She just said it was time for her to move on and they seemed to be understanding of the answer. Before she left, they told her they had believed her all those years ago but didn't believe she would benefit from any of their programs and that's why they had made her a teacher. She was happy to hear that they were putting her interests first this whole time but in the back of her mind she was a little sad. What if they had just said that in the first place? Would she still be being sent away? She chased the thought away. If she had the ability to go back further, she still wouldn't change a single thing, not even being sent away.

Her parents didn't take her to Skeleton Key's manor, they couldn't be seen near such an undesirable place, so she walked there herself. They hadn't told him or his family she was coming either, they didn't want any contact with them. So it was a complete surprise when she showed up at his door step. He was intimidating at first but as she hung around him and his family she found she liked him. He had had a rough life and it wasn't his fault his power was just too much for him to handle. She was happy with them and felt like this was the place where she was truly meant to be.
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Moros Fortuna
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