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 Splatter Paint

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PostSubject: Splatter Paint   Splatter Paint I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 13, 2013 8:34 pm

Splatter Paint

 Splatter Paint A10 Splatter Paint A210

Gender: Female

Species: Unicorn

Mane: Black with blue highlights, Short and spiky back with long and Messy Bangs

Tail: Black with blue tips, medium length

Eyes: light grey almost white

Body: Mint green with teal paint markings

Cutie Mark:

Splatter Paint A12[

Age (Baby,adult): 15

Personality:  Splatter Paint is a quiet pony, but not because she’s shy, she feels if she spends too much time on talking she’ll miss out on spotting the art of the world. She’s perfectly fine letting other ponies do all the talking and is always on the lookout for new inspiration.  She sees the art in everything and loves to discover new ways to express it. She’s a really reliable pony and is always there to lend a hoof. She often donates her art or hands it out for free to those who admire them.  She loves all art but prefers to work with a paint brush, though she paints on more than paper. Her work isn’t well known but she’s in it for the enjoyment and not the fame, if her art brings joy to even just one pony she’s happy.  

Likes: Bright colors, sharing her works, Painting, Being in nature, Natural beauty, and helping others

Dislikes:  Losing or running out of supplies, when she’s unable to help out another pony, Artist’s block

History: Splatter Paint had been very popular in school, not because she was flashy or any of the other things typical of popular ponies but because she was the opposite. They had admired her vision and strange way of taking the simple things and making them into something amazing, when it was time for projects, the other ponies would fight to be her partner.

She did well in her classes but the class she looked forward to most was art. Sure she got to do projects occasionally in the other classes but they had restrictions and had to follow a preset theme but art was different. Her teacher understood her talents and let her follow the vision in her mind instead of the ones in the lesson plan but it took her awhile to develop her style and voice. She was good in all art forms but none of the styles felt right, her teacher would help and teach her a new form of art every day but each day none still seemed right.

She became frustrated in her art and in herself as most of the other ponies in her class had already found that special thing that belonged to them, she knew hers had to be in art it just had to, everything felt right when she did her art but at the same time something felt missing.
Staring at the blank paper she used her magic to hold her brush a few inches above her paints, her magic allowed her to paint without a brush and paints but it wasn’t very good for detail and at most she could create globs of color on the paper so she preferred the brush. As she stared trying to think of something to create, somepony threw their paint across the room and it splattered all over her. Splatter paint didn’t flinch or move a muscle as other ponies ducked down for an all-out paint fight.  Colors were flying all other the room as Splatter watched it all in that quiet intent way of hers. Splatter put her brush down and went to the supply closet, by now she was covered in all kinds of paint of various colors, and pulled out one of those giant sheets of paper for heavy duty projects. She carefully hung it on the chalk board and returned to her desk. This had gained the attention of a few students but not enough to stop the war. Closing her eyes she focused on all the colors flying through the air, as she did this the paint all froze in place and hovered where it was. Suddenly it flung at the paper on the board where it stayed.

Splatter didn’t open her eyes until she heard the oohs and ahhs of her class. Curious she looked to see what was so interesting and saw the work she had just done. When she looked at it she actually liked what she saw and she felt as though that missing piece had finally been found but why? All she did was throw paint on a paper? That didn’t mean anything.  Her teacher smiled. “Class this is a form of art known as splatter paint, it when you take paints and  throw them on to a canvas and it was also today’s project.” Splatter paint was shocked. Her teacher had started that fight?? As she was returning to her desk one of her class mates pointed out that she still had paint all over her flank but when she tried to wash it off it wouldn’t come out. Concerned she went to her teacher for help, who only smiled. “Class I think Splatter Paint just earned her cutie mark.”
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Hallows Eve

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PostSubject: Re: Splatter Paint   Splatter Paint I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 13, 2013 10:54 pm

Accepted >^.^<
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Splatter Paint
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