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 Zephyros Squall

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PostSubject: Zephyros Squall   Zephyros Squall I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 18, 2016 10:22 am

Zephyros Squall

Zephyros Squall Mypony10

Species: Earth pony

Mane: Light blue with slightly darker blue high lights, appears windblown

Tail: Light blue with slightly darker highlights, styled messy

Eyes: A light, darker green

Body: Cobalt

Cutie Mark: Zephyros Squall 111

Age: Adult

Personality: Zephyros Squall is a kind hard working pony. he is more than willing to help anypony with any task, even the ones others would rather not do. He always seems to have something on his mind that he wants to talk about but just cant seem to get out, but most assume that's just because he's a horror novelist and they all look like that. He tries to keep his distance from others, not physically but emotionally. His distantness does fade when he's telling stories though. That's when his true personality comes out. When he tells a story he becomes this charismatic, a tad show offy and boastful pony that just wants to show others a good time. When he's not telling stories, he's more quiet and selective with what he says, only answering questions with what he has to. He does have a bit of a temper that can flare up without warning but with the support of his family, he's gaining control of it.

Likes: writing and telling stories

Dislikes: vegetables and magic

History: Zephyros Squall was raised in Cloudsdale. He had started out life as a Pegasus and seemed to have a skill for making storm clouds. Zephyros' storms were the best in Equestria and ponies would come from all around to witness one of his storms. His childhood was great, everypony loved him and he showed a bright future working with the clouds. He liked to practice his storm making away from Cloudsdale, on a vegetable farm outside a nearby town. The young unicorn, about his age, who lived there watched him gleefully. He and this unicorn quickly became friends and he would come visit her all the time. One day she told her friends about him and they came to watch as well. He wanted to impress them so he made his biggest and best storm yet. One of the young ponies wasn't impressed and decided to liven things up. He started grabbing vegetables from the nearby field and threw them into the storm. Zephyros was hurt and couldn't believe this foal was ruining his art. He had never been so much as angry before but now he was in a full on rage. He sent his storm after the foal, the storm building up stronger and stronger with Zephyros' anger. The young ponies all cowered in fear except his young unicorn friend. She had a choice to make, help Zephyros or save her friends. She looked up at him and couldn't believe how terrifying he looked. She chose to save her friends. She hadn't used magic before so she wasn't sure what she could do but as long as it would help her friends she didn't care what it did. She closed her eyes and aimed her magic at Zephyros, then waited. There was a loud explosion then all was quiet. opening her eyes she saw Zephyros but he looked different, his wings were gone. He stared at her with hurt eyes before running off.

Zephyros never went home after that, partly because he couldn't fly any more but there were ways around that, mostly he was too embarrassed of what he had done and he didn't want his family, who thought so highly of him, to be disappointed. He wondered around until he came to a small unnamed Earth pony village. It was the perfect place for him and he quickly settled in. Ponies there never asked him any questions, they just treated him like their own. His angry outbursts became more and more common but the ponies didn't seem to mind, sure they gave him his distance but he liked it like that. The only one who didn't keep her distance was a filly named Sweet Monsoon. She was the exact opposite of him in every way and he loved that about her. She was the one who helped him discover that he was amazing at telling stories and inspired him to become a novelist, earning him his cutie mark. Sweet Monsoon had really helped him turn his life around and he eventually married her. They even found a tiny Pegasus lost in the Everfree whom they adopted and named Spring Breeze. His family is what helped him to learn to control his outburst and they have become very rare, though ponies are still prepared to experience one. He never did tell anyone, not even his family, what happened that day. He hates to think about it and figures its better for everypony to just assume he's always been an earth pony.
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Zephyros Squall
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