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 Sweet Monsoon

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PostSubject: Sweet Monsoon   Sweet Monsoon I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 14, 2016 11:39 pm

Sweet Monsoon

Sweet Monsoon Sweet_10

Gender: Female

Species: Earth Pony

Eyes: gray

Mane: White cut really short, floofy bangs. usually wears a light blue head band

Tail: white with light blue highlights. also cut short

Body: a light purple/ almost white

Cutie Mark: Sweet Monsoon Cake10

Age: early 20s

Personality: Sweet Monsoon is a quiet pony. She prefers actions over words and isn't really all that great with conversation anyways. With this pony, her actions definitely speak louder than her words. Her passion is for baking sweets. Any kind of sweets but the crazier and more sugar the better. She also is incapable of making just one cake or batch of sweets. She needs to make several dozen. She does it with the best intentions and because of this ponies usually accept her sweets with a smile, fearful they would upset this caring pony. Sweet Monsoon is a pretty easy going pony but can tend to be a little clueless. She takes things at face value and doesn't understand jokes or sarcasm at all.

Likes: Baking and delivering sweet treats to other ponies

Dislikes: sugar-free foods

History: Sweet Monsoon is married to an Earth pony, Zephyros Squall. The two grew up together in a town so small it didn't even have a name. They moved to Ponyville after discovering their adopted daughter, Spring Breeze, in a nearby forest. Their nameless town was mostly Earth ponies and they figured Spring would be better off being raised near other Pegasus since they had no clue how to raise one themselves.

           Sweet works at a restaurant as a desert chief. She tends to use up all the ingredients and make way too much product. At first the owners thought to fire her but she really grew on them and they just couldn't stay mad. They still sell deserts but now they include a free desert with every meal purchase. Sometimes just for walking in, if Sweet goes really crazy with the treats.
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Sweet Monsoon
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