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 Jackpot Oddity

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PostSubject: Jackpot Oddity   Jackpot Oddity I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 27, 2014 1:42 am

Name: Jackpot Oddity

Picture: (Will be added later)

Gender: Male

Pony Type: Unicorn/Changeling (I'll explain later)

Cutie Mark: Single Die showing 5, 1, and 2

Age: 21

Mate/Foals: None

Likes: Music, Pranks, Gambling, Games, and Tests of Luck
Dislikes: Boring stuff and Storm Chase

Background Info: Jackpot Oddity, or J.O. for short, is an offspring of a pony and a changeling. He went to Canterlot University with Mudbath, Storm, and Scythe(Will be added later), and was their friend until he got word of a band being made between the 3, without him. He became enraged and started a fight with Storm Chase, since Storm was seen as the leader of the trio, and was expelled for it. Since then J.O. has had a rivalry with Storm for achieving greatness, but has been 1-upped by Storm at every corner. J.O. has recently arrived in Ponyville, hoping to finally end the war between him and Storm.
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Jackpot Oddity
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