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 Lightning Flash

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PostSubject: Lightning Flash   Lightning Flash I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 28, 2013 1:30 am

Name: Lightning Flash

Lightning Flash A16

Gender: Female

Pony Type: Pegasus (Imagine her wings are hidden by her hair, I forgot to add wings and didn't want to remake her again)

Cutie Mark: Purple Lightning Bolt

Age: 18

Mate/Foals: None at the moment

Likes: Storms (both watching and making), Night, Flying, Adventure, and a certain pony she met.

Dislikes: The sun (makes her sneeze), Reading, School, the Wonderbolts (snot-nosed, stuck-up brats), and Mudbath McGrady (Annoying pegasus who thinks he's better than me because he can get into the Wonderbolts at a young age, while I was stuck retaking flight camp 7 times and still couldn't get in. I mean, who even wants to be in the Wonderbolts?! They don't do anything productive, or fun, like adventuring)

Lightning got her cutie mark when she learned that she liked to make storms, and one time made a storm with purple lightning. Her biggest competition has been Mudbath, who has made the Wonderbolts when she couldn't. She likes a pony that she met on an adventure, in which she saved the pony from death by lava. She traveled with him and his friend until, one day, a freak storm came out of nowhere and separated her from the group. She vowed to meet up with him someday in the future. After a while, she made enough money to get a ticket to visit the pony she fell for's home... Ponyville.
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PostSubject: Re: Lightning Flash   Lightning Flash I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 31, 2013 8:10 am

lol sounds kinda like the episode with cranky doodle donkey Smile
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Lightning Flash
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