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---Tacha--- Tacha10

Gender: Female

Species: Earth Pony

Mane: Short auburn with red highlight and styled but at the same time messy.

Tail: Styled short and spiked. It's auburn but with a bright red stripe down the middle.

Eyes: A dark emerald green

Body: A light blue

Cutie Mark: Blank flank

Age (Baby,adult): teenaged

Personality: Tacha is a very fun loving and carefree pony. She can be rather confusing at times, one moment sweet and shy and the next dark and intimidating. She’s got a bit of a tomboy side to her while still retaining that sweet girly side. She loves nothing more than spending the day with her friends going on crazy adventures. When she's with the ponies she loves most she can do anything and is not afraid to stand out. She is described by her friends as caring, crazy, and at times childish. Alternately when not with friends she is highly shy and very awkward. She finds her confidence and strength from her friends so when separated she tends to stick to the side lines and avoid the spot light. She won’t be the first one to start a conversation but like a lost puppy once you feed her kindness you’re stuck with her forever which, once she gets to know you and gets past her shyness of you, isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Likes: Reading and writing (really any form of schooling), doodling, music, and adventuring with friends or really just anything to do with her friends.

Dislikes: unwanted attention and bullies.

History: Tacha was born in Appleloosa but three days after her birth her family moved to the Crystal kingdom where her brother (a regular non-crystal Pegasus) was born. The two are very close and know everything there is to know about each other. Both are blank flanks, though everyone is pretty sure her brother’s mark will be in culinary. Being raised in the Crystal Kingdom Tacha learned to love crafts and became quite good with them, so good she began teaching the young children her skills, she even helped some to earn their cutie marks. She loved the happy feeling teaching the children brought to her but watching all the young colts and fillies earn theirs before her slightly bugged her, even her brother was close to discovering his. Completely lost about what her mark could be Tacha packed up and left her home in the crystal kingdom to find what she was truly meant to do with her life. Her first stop was to return to her place of birth back in Appleloosa.

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