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 Strike Shot

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PostSubject: Strike Shot    Strike Shot  I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 15, 2013 8:00 pm

Strike Shot

Strike Shot  Mafia_10

Gender: Male

Pony Type: Earth

Mane: Spiked blue with darker blue streaks

Tail: Short, blue with light blue tip

Eyes: Black

Body: Dark rust red, with grey feet and nose, with freckles across his face.

Cutie Mark:
Strike Shot  A1510

Age: 15

Personality: Strike shot is a very outgoing pony, and he can very quickly rally ponies to his cause, though usually its by force. He doesn't take the time to water things down and is always straight to the point. The blue flame that is his cutie mark represents the passion and heart he puts into everything he does, he will never half do anything even if he isn't fond of the task. It could also be for his temper as its very easy to set off. He will appear cool once the other pony apologizes  but the anger wont go away completely. He doesn't get along with most other ponies unless it's necessary and he always has to be leader, if its not done by him its probably not done right. He does have a soft side to him but its buried deep deep down in him and most ponies will never see that side to him.  

Likes: Fighting and training with his dad

Dislikes: most other ponies

History: Strike Shot was raised as a mafia pony. His father is the leader of a mafia and after his wife, Strike's mother, was killed in a gang fight, he put all his efforts into raising his son to be able to defend himself and some day take over the mafia. Strike Shot was a loner as a foal and took the lessons his father gave him very seriously, it was the only time he ever really socialized with anypony. He's really good with fighting and has even beaten his dad in some fights. He Prefers hoof to hoof combat but he can do pretty well in most fights.

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Hallows Eve

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PostSubject: Re: Strike Shot    Strike Shot  I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 22, 2013 7:23 pm

accepted!  ^^
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Strike Shot
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