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 Stuff thats nice to know

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PostSubject: Stuff thats nice to know   Stuff thats nice to know I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 12, 2013 3:51 pm

This page was originally made because we wanted a fun place to do My Little Pony RPs. I thought I had found a perfect site and had a lot of fun playing on it too until I ran into a few problems. They misread my application for my OC and deamed it too uncanon so I had to change it. Fine whatever. I made a diffrent pony and had the same problem. I read other people's OCs and I wasn't the only one. RPs should be fun and who cares if they stray from the canon a little thats what makes OCs more OC. So a friend and I started this page as a "rp as you want" safe zone. It might be a little heavy on the pony stuff because thats what it started out as but now we want to branch out and include other locations and shows on here.

I wanted to include some rules to keep things structured but then I might end up as bad as that other page so as long as everyone is happy feel free to make your own rules as you go along. One rule I do want though is keep to an order when RPing. Its no fun to get skipped but if someone isnt taking their turn give them three days and then you can skip them. If they come back they can just hop in the new order whereever they fit.

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Stuff thats nice to know
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